Wuxi Samprint printing technology co. LTD., referred to as Saiyin. Sai, which means race, competition, a hundred schools of though contend. Yin is Print, including the company's inkjet printing, screen printing industry.

The company is located in Jiangnan(south of the Yangtze River)waterland-wuxi, 5 kilometers away from wuxi east railway station, 20 kilometers away from Wuxi Sunan shuofang airport, and only 35 minutes away from Shanghai Hongqiao international airport and Hongqiao high-speed railway station, with extremely developed traffic.

The company was founded by 20 years of experience in inkjet industry, and the team members all have many years of experience in inkjet printing and silk screen printing industry. The average age is about 35 years old. An efficient team full of passion and fighting power.[MORE+]